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Top rating from financial auditor

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Friday 29 November 2013

Council gets top rating from auditor for sound financial approach

An independent auditor has recognised the council’s financial resilience and given us the highest possible assessment. It was noted that the council has ‘continued to exercise a prudent financial strategy despite the financial environment.’

The council remains committed to making savings while protecting front line services. This will be noted at the next Cabinet meeting in December, as Members will be advised that for the fifth consecutive year we have a forecasted underspend. For the financial year 2013/14 this is predicted to be £120,000, thanks to the council’s robust financial and strategic approach.

Councillor Duncan Dewar-Whalley, Cabinet member for Finance said: “We are fortunate that we have a very committed workforce who have worked very hard to ensure that made Swale Borough Council the best financially managed Borough in Kent.

“We must build upon this to meet the challenge of further reductions in Central Government funding as the Coalition looks to restore the Nations finances.

“The future is still going to be very difficult and we will continue to try and find further savings to achieve our goals. In this respect we work on our priorities, as set out in the Corporate Plan, to support communities, and grow the local economy for the benefit of people of Swale.”

Over the last five years the council has demonstrated its commitment and ability to act in the interest of the residents and businesses in the Borough, having made savings and found ways of protecting front line services during very difficult financial times.

Grant Thornton, independent auditors stated “Despite the challenging financial environment the council has continued to exercise a prudent financial strategy. Financial planning and budget monitoring processes are robust and saving targets achieved”