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Faversham Pedestrianisation Review

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Tuesday 29 January 2013

Review of the Experimental Extension to the Pedestrianisation Scheme in Faversham

As you are might be aware, an experimental extension to the pedestrianisation scheme was run in August 2012 to include Fridays between 10am - 4pm for a period of 9 months with a review after 6 months.

The 6 months review is now being undertaken. The consultation will include visiting the businesses in the town centre area for their views on the scheme and the setting up of a stall in the market place seeking public comments.

Please fill out the consultation below, including answering the questions, to show your support/objections to the scheme with your comments. Your comments on the experimental scheme are valued.

The closing date for the consultation is Friday 8 February 2013. Results will be submitted to the Joint Transportation Board in March 2013 for a recommendation. All consultees will be notified of the outcome.