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Estates crime crackdown

Wednesday 27 September

Targeted plan to keep residents safe

Local agencies are targeting crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) on three estates across the borough.

The Swale Community Safety Partnership (CSP) – made up of the council, local police, fire, health and probation services, as well as local housing associations – is focusing on the estates to help tackle crime and ASB, and help keep vulnerable residents safe.

Using intelligence from all the partner agencies, an estate in each of the borough’s main areas has been selected for more targeted interventions.

So far, Whiting Crescent in Faversham, and Lapwing Close in Minster have been chosen and a third area, in Sittingbourne, will be finalised shortly.

Each area is visited for a multi-agency audit which identifies issues that contribute to crime and ASB; are a cause for concern for residents’ safety; or, where some support would help address wider needs. The partners then come together to look for solutions to these problems, and develop an action plan to deliver.

Issues identified from the plans developed so far include, waste management, fire safety education, nuisance vehicles and land ownership and responsibilities.

Cllr Alan Horton, cabinet member for safer families and communities at the council, said:

"There are already residents on these estates who are working to make a positive difference to their neighbourhoods, and we are keen to work with them.

"A clean-up day we held in Whiting Crescent showed that people are more than willing to get involved in improving their neighbourhood.

"By working together to focus on small areas with historic problems, the CSP can proactively plan how to prevent issues arising, rather than individually reacting to their symptoms.

"With all the different agencies sitting around the table, we were able to look for practical solutions and plan how we will deliver them."

A clean-up day will be taking place in Lapwing Close later in the year, and once a Sittingbourne location is agreed an audit will take place to identify issues that the CSP will tackle.